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Horseback Trips

On this 14 day excursion by horseback, alongside your guides, you will be riding through some of the most secluded country in Northern British Columbia. Your trip consists of riding between 2-5 hours by horseback each day, your horseback days are broken up by rest days at our cabin and tent spike camp locations along the way.

You will have the opportunity to fish a number of our lakes and rivers for a variety of fresh water fish, hike the valley floors or mountainsides.

Enjoy the beautiful landscape and abundant wildlife while taking those breathtaking photos. Camping by firelight or relaxing in one of our lake front cabins, this is sure to be a trip to remember!

Please see Horseback Itinerary and Price list for more information, or contact us for any further questions.
horseback riding trip - British Columbia

Claw Mountain Outfitter - mountain photo